From causes of justice to simple teenage antics some pretty great scenes surround the Idea of faking your identity and age. We have gone out and found some of the best scenes centered around fake IDs. Keep on reading to see some of the best and worst ways a fake ID was used.

What do you get when you send a rich air headed kid off to a prestigious academy? Well if Charlie has anything to say about it, a quick expulsion. The movie is all about a young boy who understands nothing about the real world making dumb decisions. Mainly, he decides to go into a part-time business with another schoolmate as a fake physician. This is, of course, to achieve the most important thing in the young teen’s life, popularity. How did such a rich boy get expelled from a prestigious school to a public school though?

Well, he made a ton of fake IDs and got caught. At the start of the movie, both Charlie and his mom are meeting with the principal of his former high school. The principal informs her that Charlie is very talented at making IDs. So talented in fact, that the principal has a whole box full of them he made for other students. The mother upon seeing the IDs quickly tries to pay off the principal to keep Charlie in the school. The principle of course rejects, and on the way home, he reveals to his mom that the IDs had just started to make him popular on campus.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer- Bad Beer
One of the most hilarious scenes in Buffy The Vampire Slayer comes in Bad Beer the 5th episode in the 4th season of the show. In Bad Beer Xander gets a fake I.D. to work at the campus bar for a little extra money. This of course quickly goes bad when he helps Buffy get a little bit more than tipsy. What’s even worse was the beer that he gave her is actually considered evil beer and has made an even bigger mess of our heroine than normal alcohol ever could have. This is all because the owner of the bar has brewed a special batch of beer to get back at the kids who have been making his life miserable.

Buffy turns hilarious as she is found in her dorm room literally rolling around on the floor. She becomes obsessed with getting more beer any way she can and even takes to drawing on her walls in crayons just like a child. The rest of the episodes has The guys Buffy was drinking with turn into violent rampaging humans who in turn start a fire Buffy must eventually put out. The episode was made in order to point out the evils of college pressure according to the writers.

Probably the most famous fake ID scene involves the movie Superbad. In the movie Fogell, a nerdy high school gets a fake ID made in order to help with alcohol for a party. The only problem is that he forgot he needed a first and last name on it. The ID simply has the name McLovin on it, that the rest of the crew comments is a horrible choice in general. None the less, the crew decides to use the ID to try and get some liquor to the party. This, of course, is all in the name of impressing some pretty girls, the only problem is that the crew picked up some cop friends on their trip to the get the booze.

Vegas Vacation
This comes from the series of vacation movies and is the 4th installment in the comedy franchise. The Griswolds family has departed on vacation to the American hotspot of Vegas to visit there cousin Eddie. Things are going all well and dandy until the family decides to have a day alone to themselves. As each member splits off on their own ridiculous journey through the gambling city things start to get more and more complicated, especially for Russ who is under the legal gambling age in America. From the kids of the family becoming strippers to high rollers nothing is safe in this movie, and that’s just where are fake ID comes in.

Russ decides to find himself a fake ID to better enjoy the Vegas lifestyle. After getting one from a guy all moviegoers swear looks just like Frank Sinatra his adventure begins. The boy soon starts to win big at all the casinos around town and becomes known by the name Nick Pappagiorgio. The boy ends up winning several cars including a sporty new Dodge Viper.

The Fifth Element
In this timeless sci-fi story about a young girl trying to make her way to save the world. Leeloo has been cloned from an ancient hand that had near perfect DNA samples left. The young girl, upon being created runs away from the lab scared and ends up in the arms of a young man. The heroes of the story soon learn that she is a major key to defeating an ancient evil that likes to raise it’s had about once every 5,000 years. The only problem is they have to get the other four elements together in order to do so.

The famous Id or Multipass scene in this movie comes as Leeloo boards the ship. The young girl exclaims that her last name is multipass when she is trying to help get on board the ship. With little to no knowledge of the language, everyone else is speaking Leeloo is pretty lost and Dallas has to work hard to convince the stewardess there a lovesick married couple. The scene is famous for showing just how new to the world and innocent Leeloo is and how desperately Dallas is to keep her safe and hidden as they try to board the ship unnoticed.

Community- Mixology Certification
In this episode of Community, the study group is celebrating Troy’s birthday but in a way that doesn’t interfere with Troy’s beliefs as a Jehovah’s Witness, who do not recognize any holidays. Brita realizes that it’s Troy’s 21st birthday making him of legal drinking age and she proposes that everyone go to a local bar together to celebrate. Because one of the members of the study group, Annie, is still underage, Brita gives her a fake I.D. with a fake name, Caroline Decker.

As the episode continues, Annie becomes immersed in taking on a new persona as Caroline to the point of acting completely different. She even is making criticisms about herself in conversation about how much of a perfectionist she is. By the end of the episode, however, she realizes that acting like a different person made her question what type of person she actually is.

Breakfast Club
In this movie, the misfits of the school have formed a group together and emphasize with each other. This is, of course, all because they have been thrown into detention against their will by the principal. While the premise may not sound that fun it comes with a pretty interesting narrative and has become one of the most well-known movies ever to be played on the big screen. The kids are all very engaged in their own lives and the way they reveal themselves to each other is truly wonderful. The scene involving the fake ID in the school is hilarious and well thought out.

In the scene, the guys are sharing some of their personal items out of boredom. Brian has given up his wallet to Andrew to look through. Andrew finds Brian’s fake ID much to his surprise and asks him what he uses it for. Brian replies with the most in character line ever “ I use it to vote.” This is probably one of the only time a fake ID is used for such a patriotic purpose. The only problem is that the ID is bad and claims that Brian is actually a 68-year-old man.



The Night Manager
Jonathan Pine, the night manager of a hotel in Cairo, Egypt becomes involved in an intricate plot involving illegal weapons trade when he is handed important documents from a woman involved to turn over to British intelligence in exchange for asylum in Britain. Pine is then told that these weapons are being sold by a famous businessman named Richard Roper, who is making a sale in Cairo. But before anything can be done after handing the documents over, the woman is killed and Jonathan is left devastated by the events that have taken place.

Four years later, Pine is now the night manager of a hotel in Switzerland and one day he finds that Roper and his entourage will be staying as guests. Feeling obligated after the events that transpired in Cairo, he collects information during Roper’s stay and contacts British intelligence. To get enough evidence against Roper, who has been covering his tracks with near perfection, an intelligence officer wants Jonathan Pine to infiltrate Richard Roper’s entourage and to completely change who he is and become Andrew Birch.

American Dad- Faking Bad
Seth Rogen is always pouring his heart out into the antics of his cartoon families. In American Dad especially, the kids are extremely active and always have there on plot threads going on that are completely out of this world. With the kids being left unattended most of the time and Haley not concerned for things such as laws it’s no surprise that fake IDs eventually fell into the mix. The show actually makes a great commentary during the episode.

Hayley meets back up with some old friends who want her to go out with them. Seeing as Haley doesn’t have one and has to go through Steve. Steve makes Haley an ID so good that they’re all underage the girls have managed to get ahold of some fake IDs. The only problem is even card readers can’t verify it as fake. The other girls, of course, want in after seeing this so they all go to see Steve who is reading peacefully in his blanket fort. The show then goes on to make a point that the things underage kids are willing to do for IDs are completely insane, with most of the girls giving up their self-respect to score the fakes.

We Can’t Forget The Kings of Fake ID’ Sam and Dean…..

Hunting supposedly made up creatures is never an easy task. This is especially true when you need to investigate these creatures. Sam and Dean always have their hands full trying to figure out just what is going on in every episode of Supernatural. Even worse, it’s pretty hard to convince people to cooperate with them without using a little trickery. The brothers have of course found a way around this by creating themselves false Investigative IDs that they have used time after time throughout the show. In fact, they have a ton of different ones to help match whatever situation they end up going into.

The two guys have been everything from Park Rangers to US Marshalls. They even have fake credit cards and have been known by so many names it’d put most con artists to shame. The brothers even step up their ID game by dressing the part of the IDs they present just to make it more believable. With unmatched acting skills, costumes, and an endless fake ID maker these two are the kings of using their fakes to get into anywhere they want at any time they please.